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the white shirt according to me gianfranco ferr
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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback with Jacket
  • Publisher: Skira Editore
  • ISBN: 9788857223469
  • Edition: 2015
  • Pages: 340
A homage to the work and talent of the “architect - fashion designer” who since the early days of his career succeeded in establishing an ongoing dialogue between architecture and fashion, creating a new code with which these two difficult and complex worlds could perfectly combine. Ferré himself affirmed: “I believe that most part of my creative process is based on my background and training as an architect. For me fashion is poetry, intuition, imagery, but also a methodic and project oriented discipline, based on the fact that a dress is the result of a programmed and acknowledged intervention on forms and shapes”. In a magical play of lightness and transparency, 27 shirts (selected from the most extraordinary shirts Ferré designed during his over 20 year long activity) testify to Ferré’s creative genius and to the technical and project quality he put into the construction of this garment, which Ferré himself considered “the” sign of his style. These superb creations include the silk bustier that, blossoming like a delicate calla lily, “stands out like a corolla, framing the woman’s face” almost defying the law of gravity, and the outstanding “upside down” shirt, whose utmost innovative structure turns this garment into an object of pure design. The catalogue features a wide selection of images, including Ferré’s sketches and designs – unique work sheets capable of illustrating with only a few lines, the essence of the garment and the core idea of each project, highlighting all the precious particulars from the quality of the fabric, to the dramatic details and the hidden finishings.
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