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looking beyond
Graphics of Satyajit Ray
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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Chinese
  • Publisher: Roli Books
  • ISBN: 9788174365651
  • Edition: 2012
  • Pages: 160
Looking Beyond: Graphics of Satyajit Ray provides an overview of the immense body of work that constitutes renowned Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s graphic designs. A consummate artist from his early years, Ray designed more than 5,500 book covers, posters, advertisement layouts, and film titles. The book tries to delve into the depths of the artist’s psyche to recreate the magic of a wonderful genius in both images and words. Ray is one of the few filmmakers in the world to have not just directed films but also created immortal musical scores for them. The author evaluates Ray’s genius by researching material available about him by maestros of Indian art like Paritosh Sen, Raghunath Goswamy, Dr Ranen Ayan Dutt, Purnendu Pattrea, and others. Among the special features of the book are exclusive interviews with artists Sandip Ray, O.C. Ganguly, and Shibshankar Bhattacharya, which provide invaluable insight into Ray’s artistic creations. Ray collectors all over India have opened their vaults to contribute rare gems of design to make this book truly a collector’s item.
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