Korean Home Cooking: Classic and Modern Recipes : Classic and Modern Recipes

Classic and Modern Recipes

Sohui Kim and Rachel Wharton

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In Korean Home Cooking, Sohui Kim shares the authentic Korean flavors found in the dishes at her restaurant and the recipes from her family. Sohui is well-regarded for her sense of sohnmat, a Korean phrase that roughly translates to "taste of the hand," or an ease and agility with making food taste delicious. With 100 recipes, Korean Home Cooking is a comprehensive look at Korean cuisine, and includes recipes for kimchee, crisp mung bean pancakes, seaweed soup, spicy chicken stew, and japchae noodles and more traditional fare of soondae (blood sausage) and yuk hwe (beef tartare). With Sohui's guidance, stories from her family, and photographs of her travels in Korea, Korean Home Cooking brings rich cultural traditions into your home kitchen. "Korean Home Cooking is a revelation. It is an education in Korean cuisine and a roadmap for bringing it into your kitchen, with recipes that are as smart and delicious as they are achievable. Herein is a body of knowledge that needed a generous cook like Sohui to shape and share it, and it deserves a spot on every serious cook's bookshelf." - Peter Meehan, author, founder of Lucky Peach "Like so many other enthusiastic eaters, I am fascinated with the flavors found in Korean cooking; earthy and tangy flavors, created by using simple ingredients like salt, soybeans, chili peppers, grains, sun and air. Sohui's writing welcomes us to visit her earliest food memories like a family member and she profoundly informs us with the nuanced skill of a natural teacher." - Michael Anthony, author and executive chef, Gramercy Tavern "Sohui Kim is breaking down barriers of the Korean cuisine, making delicious food ready for a simple Monday dinner or a balling out event for special occasions. Buy the book and open your everyday table to these amazing recipes." - Dale Talde, author and chef, Talde "If you could only choose one cookbook on Korean cuisine, I would opt for this one. It is a gorgeous collection of soulful recipes that are easy to follow and execute. Buy it for the banchan alone." - Anita Lo, chef and author "Naturally attuned to many of the current concerns and fashions in food, the delectably spiced, colorful Korean dishes in restaurants may seem overwhelming to the American home cook. No longer. In this very detailed and exquisitely illustrated cookbook, Sohui Kim combines knowledge from her Insa kitchen with down-to-earth savvy recalled from her family kitchen. It is as much a guide to successful ordering in Korean restaurants, as it is to the adventurous home cook." - Mimi Sheraton, author "Get an education in Korean cooking - including classics like the street food soondae (blood sausage) and mung bean pancakes - in your own home", am New York "this cookbook is a straightforward guide to making Korean food at home, all of which could work its way into a home cook's repertoire.", New York Magazine "Korean cooking is long overdue for a "Mastering the Art" moment, and Sohui Kim's "Korean Home Cooking" written with Rachel Wharton, helps fill that void.", The New York Times "Every dish you love from your favorite Korean restaurant is here in this beautiful new book - all broken down into accessible recipes with mouth-watering step-by-step photos. Sohui Kim, chef of the popular Brooklyn restaurant Insa, has a can-do approach that puts Haemul Pajeon (seafood pancakes with scallions and chiles) and Dweji Bulgogi (spicy marinated pork butt) within easy reach of the home cook. Helpful primers - like how to cut scallions into strips and make egg ribbons - plus a pantry that relies heavily on ingredients available at a well-stocked supermarket take the intimidation factor down to zero.", Food Network Holiday Gift Guide "The owner of two Brooklyn restaurants, with the help of Rachel Wharton, share an easy-to-follow overview of classic Korean recipes, complete with helpful picture guide to the ingredients you'll need.", Newsweek "approachable recipes for classic Korean home staples. Each recipe - kimchi pancakes, Korean fried chicken, pork bulgogi - is accompanied by a full-page photo and clear instructions for cooks at any level of experience with Korean cooking.", Eater NY "A handful of New York City restaurateurs put out their debut cookbooks this year (after all, it's one of the best ways to promote a restaurant and a "brand"), but the most useful cookbook released by a New York chef in 2018 is undoubtedly Korean Home Cooking, from the same team that's also behind Insa and The Good Fork. Not only is Sohui Kim's book eminently accessible to chefs at any level, it manages to introduce readers to a style of cooking that, for many non-Koreans, will feel completely new.", Grub Street, Best Cookbooks of 2018

Sohui Kim is the chef and co-owner of Insa and The Good Fork. Born in Seoul, Korea, she immigrated to the United States at 10 years old. She trained at The Institute of Culinary Education, cooked under Dan Barber, Michael Anthony, and Anita Lo, and defeated Bobby Flay in a dumpling contest on the Food Network. In 2006, she opened her first restaurant, The Good Fork, and ten years later, she opened Insa, a traditional Korean barbecue restaurant in Brooklyn. Rachel Wharton is a James Beard Foundation award-winning food writer who co-wrote F*ck, That's Delicious with Action Bronson (2017), The Good Fork Cookbook with Sohui Kim (2016), DiPalo's Guide to the Essential Foods of Italy with Lou DiPalo (2014), was the editor of the Edible Brooklyn cookbook (2010), and co-wrote Handheld Pies (2011). She is the editor at large of Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn, writes a Sunday food column for the New York Daily News, and also freelances for publications such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Saveur, and Everyday with Rachael Ray.

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