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Egyptian Mythology: A Traveller's Guide from Aswan to Alexandria

Garry J. Shaw
Join Egyptologist Garry J. Shaw on a tour up the Nile, through a beautiful and fascinating landscape populated with a rich mythology: the stories...
Rs. 1,871.00

Celtic Mysteries: The Ancient Religion

John Sharkey
This new and completely redesigned edition offers a vivid and evocative insight into the last tribal culture in Europe. Sharkey explores the mysterious beliefs...
Rs. 985.00

AAM AASTHA : Indian Devotions

Charles Fréger, Contributions by Anuradha Roy, Catherine Clément, Kuhu Kopariha, Illustrated by Sumedha Sah
A festival of Indian folk rituals and costumes bursting with colour, captured by renowned photographer Charles Fréger, the creator of a distinctive and powerful...
Rs. 3,303.00

Monsters: A Bestiary of the Bizarre

Christopher Dell
Monsters have preoccupied mankind from the earliest times: even cave art includes animal-human monsters. Certainly monsters were present in the ancient religions of Egypt...
Rs. 1,430.00

Goddesses and Heroines: Women of myth and legend

Xanthe Gresham-Knight and Alice Pattullo
BRONZE award winner, MadeForMums Awards 2021 Told afresh for a contemporary readership, Goddesses & Heroines brings alive stories from a variety of cultures with...
Rs. 1,628.00

Religion: In the Past, the Present Day and the Future

Reza Aslan and Simon May
The belief in a governing, celestial principle has long been an essential element of human society worldwide. More than 80% of the world’s population...
Rs. 2,202.00

Signs, Symbols and Ciphers

Georges Jean
For hundreds of years the Golden stupa of the shwedagon, the Pagoda enshrining the sacred hairs of the Buddha, has dominated the landscape of...
Rs. 875.00

Moments of Mindfulness: Latin Spirit

Danielle Follmi and Olivier Föllmi
Each book in the ‘Moments of Mindfulness’ series pairs the wise words of a great writer, master, philosopher or poet with Olivier Föllmi’s beautiful...
Rs. 985.00

Being Jain: Art and Culture of an Indian Religion

Johannes Beltz, Michaela Blaser, Marion Frenger, Patrick Felix Krüger, Harsha Vinay
After almost 50 years, Jainism is set to return to the Rietberg Museum in an exhibition that offers a new take on the religion....
Rs. 4,844.00

Manifestations Of Buddhas

When Shakyamuni, the Historical Buddha, became silent and entered the unshackled state of existence or the final nirvana, devotees wanted to adore and remember...
Rs. 695.00

Buddha : The Intelligent Heart

Alistair Shearer
Rs. 985.00

Islam: A New Historical Introduction

Carole Hillenbrand
Carole Hillenbrand’s book offers a profound understanding of the history of Muslims and their faith, from the life of Muhammad to the religion practised...
Rs. 2,747.00

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