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Let’s Explore with Messy: A Nature Kit for Mini Scientists

Get ready for a trip to OKIDO. Fill out your passport, then let’s go! This scrapbook is your OKIDO adventure kit and includes everything...
Rs. 642.00

Dinosaurs: My Beastly Activity Book

Victor Escandell
Through this book, dinosaurs and other ancient beasts and bugs come back to life in lively, informative and hilariously entertaining stories. In the same...
Rs. 1,074.00

Bigger: A Foldout Measuring Activity Book

Eleonora Marton
A fantastic concertina book that serves as a height chart and a measuring tool to help curious kids get excited about mathematics and measuring....
Rs. 1,074.00

Read All About It: Write and design your own newspaper

Alice Bowsher
Make your own headline news! 50 pages of tear-out newspaper layouts correspond to 30 sticker pages of partially drawn images and headlines. Kids are...
Rs. 1,397.00

Poster Power: Great posters and how to make them

Teresa Sdralevich
This award-winning book introduces the key conceptual and graphic elements that make up a great poster through simple text, illustrations and activities. Young readers...
Rs. 1,397.00

The Flying Machine Kit: Make 5 Planes!

Nick Arnold and Brendan Kearney
Flying Machines is a spectacular interactive guide to aerodynamics that has five fabulous flying machines to make. There are two specially designed paper planes,...
Rs. 1,344.00

Vegetables in Holiday Underwear

Jared Chapman
Celebrate your favorite holiday traditions in this silly romp that's sure to make kids giggle (and want new undies!) There's underwear for every day...
Rs. 1,186.00

I Can Make My Own Accessories: Easy-to-follow patterns to make and customise fashion accessories

Georgia Vaux and Louise Scott-Smith
The perfect companion to the authors’ I can make dolls’ clothes , this book shows readers how to make and customize unique, stylish jewelry,...
Rs. 1,074.00

I Can Make Dolls' Clothes: Easy-to-follow patterns to make clothes and accessories for your favourite doll

Louise Scott-Smith and Georgia Vaux
This book teaches children of 7+ how to make fashionably cool mix-and-match clothes for a standard 30 cm (12 in) plastic doll. Its approach...
Rs. 1,186.00

Photo Adventures: Don’t take photos, make photos!

Jan von Holleben and Monte Packham
Photo Adventures is an activity book by photographer and professional fun-maker Jan von Holleben, who reveals the secret to bending reality using nothing more...
Rs. 1,074.00

Messy's Doodle and Do: An Art Pad for Mini Scientists

Set off on a doodle adventure with Messy, a sock-eating monster who loves jokes and science. Scribble, colour, fold and doodle your way through...
Rs. 642.00

Adopt-a-Dog: An illustrated guide to choosing and caring for a dog

Holly Maguire
What child hasn’t gazed yearningly at doe-eyed cocker spaniels and bouncy little terriers, dreaming of the day their parents finally consent to get them...
Rs. 1,074.00

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