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Fifty More Places to Play Golf Before You Die: Golf Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations

Chris Santella
Fifty More Places to Play Golf Before You Die is the sixth of Chris Santella's popular "Fifty Places" books (more than 250,000 copies in...
Rs. 2,087.00

Tibet: An Inner Journey

Matthieu Ricard
‘Tibet is the Roof of the World, a place where you feel that you are in the sky just as much are you are...
Rs. 1,352.00

City Quitters: An Exploration of Post-Urban Life

Karen Rosenkranz
City Quitters portrays creative pioneers pursuing alternative ways of living and working away from big cities. What does it mean to leave city life...
Rs. 3,132.00

The Nagas: Hill Peoples of Northeast India: Society, Culture and the Colonial Encounter

Julian Jacobs and Alan Macfarlane
In the years before Indian Independence in 1947, the Nagas of Northeast India came to exemplify an exotic society. Peoples of the Hills, radically...
Rs. 2,349.00

James Sherwood's Discriminating Guide to London: An unabashed companion to the very finest experiences in the world's most cosmopolitan city

James Sherwood and James B. Sherwood
James Sherwood's Discriminating Guide to London is a very 21st-century comment on city style. Sherwood, author of a number of definitive publications on English...
Rs. 1,770.00

London: A View from the Streets

Anna Maude
Mesmerizing, exhilarating and awe-inspiring, London has provided a rich subject for the many artists, satirists, map-makers and engravers who have tried to make a...
Rs. 1,043.00

The Traveller's Guide to Classical Philosophy

John Gaskin
In this clear and evocative account, John Gaskin unfolds the thinking about nature, life, death and other worlds that informed the culture and society...
Rs. 1,043.00

Bahamas Sketchbook: Islands in the Sun

Graham Byfield and Larry Smith
The 700 islands, cays and islets of the Bahamas are scattered across over 96,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean. Only 23 of the...
Rs. 3,132.00

Iceland: Fairy Tales & Legends: A Journey

Helmut Hinrichsen and Max Schmid
The Supernatural in the European Far North Fairytales and legends, literary forms that convey fan- tastical events, reveal a lot about the culture and...
Rs. 3,127.00

The Earth from the Air - 365 New Days

Yann Arthus-Bertrand
This daybook presents 365 entirely new, utterly dazzling images from master aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The pictures cover every corner of ever continent, from...
Rs. 2,605.00

Bhutan: The Land of Serenity

Matthieu Ricard
Tucked away between China and India in the heart of the Himalayas, Bhutan remains a relatively little-known country. Few photographers have been granted permission...
Rs. 1,352.00

Lahore : The Architectural Heritage

Lucy Peck
This guide to Lahore narrates the history of the city and, with the help of maps, photographs, and line drawings, explores the background to...
Rs. 395.00

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