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The Munich Art Hoard: Hitler's Dealer and His Secret Legacy

Catherine Hickley
In February 2012, in a Munich flat belonging to an elderly recluse, German customs authorities seized an astonishing hoard of more than 1,400 paintings,...
Rs. 1,402.00

My Kennedy Years: A Memoir

Jacques Lowe and Thomasina Lowe
Fifty years after his assassination on 22 November 1963, John F. Kennedy is still a towering figure in the history of our times and...
Rs. 2,692.00

The Bloomsbury Group

Frances Spalding
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Bloomsbury Group transformed British culture with their innovative approach to art, design and society. In this...
Rs. 1,078.00

Institut Pasteur

Marie-Neige Cordonnier, Emilie Gillet and Gerard Lambert
French biologist and chemist Louis Pasteur (1822–1895) transformed medicine - and the lives of people around the world - when he developed the first...
Rs. 2,912.00

Inspirational Women: Rediscovering Stories in Art, Science and Social Reform

Samira Ahmed and Lydia Miller
Published to celebrate Women’s History Month, this book focuses on the stories of inspirational and pioneering women whose work has changed the course of...
Rs. 1,829.00

Elizabeth II: Princess, Queen, Icon

Alexandra Shulman
From the first championship, won by Nino Farina with his Alfa and his famous cigar between his lips, to Hamilton's heroic exploits, taking in...
Rs. 1,613.00

Classical Love Poetry

Jonathan Williams and Clive Cheesman
From the darkly erotic poetry of Sappho to the bawdy advice of Ovid, love is a ubiquitous theme in Classical poetry. This newly revised...
Rs. 1,078.00

The Life of Leonardo da Vinci

Giorgio Vasari and Martin Kemp
Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Most Famous Painters, Sculptors and Architects (1550 and 1569) is a classic of cultural history. A monumental assembly of...
Rs. 1,079.00

Stalin's Architect: Power and Survival in Moscow

Deyan Sudjic
The first biography to trace the remarkable life and career of Ukrainian-born Boris Iofan, beautifully illustrated with many of Iofan’s previously unseen sketchbooks and...
Rs. 3,237.00

Happiness: The Art of Togetherness

Ines de la Fressange and Sophie Gatchet
A kaleidoscopic journey tracing the methods and means of visual communication from the cave paintings of the earliest humans to the ‘photograph’ of a...
Rs. 2,153.00

Cutting Free: The Extraordinary Memoir Of A Pakistani Woman

Salma Ahmed
Beginning with a privileged childhood in an elite family of pre-partition India, to a troubled youth in Pakistan, this is the inspiring story of...
Rs. 295.00

Alice Boner : A Visionary Artist And Scholar Across Two Continents

Andrea Kuratli And Johannes Beltz
Rs. 495.00

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