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The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Robert W. Chambers
Obsessed with revisiting the sunset city of his dreams, Randolph Carter leaves the humdrum confines of reality behind, traveling into a vivid dreamworld where...
Rs. 1,045.00


Jan Novak
Emil Zatopek is arguably the greatest Olympic champion of all time. The Czech runner's three gold medals at the 1952 Helsinki Summer Olympics, for...
Rs. 1,568.00


Rachael Ball
It is the long, hot summer of 1976. Hugo, the youngest child of three, is walking with his father in the woods. There, he...
Rs. 1,673.00

When I Came Out

Anne Mette Kaerulf Lorentzen
Forty-something Louise is married to Peter, with whom she has four children. They live in a big house, and on paper everything looks fantastic....
Rs. 1,568.00

The Summer of Her Life

Thomas Von Steinaecker
Gerda stands at the window of her nursing home, looking up at the stars. A simple question has been haunting her for years, but...
Rs. 1,568.00

The Shadow Out of Time

Robert W. Chambers
Miskatonic University, Arkham, 1908. Professor Nathaniel Peaslee collapses in front of a class of students, only coming to his senses five years later. Horrified...
Rs. 1,045.00

The Nao of Brown

Glyn Dillon
Nao Brown suffers from OCD, but not the hand-washing, overly tidy type that people often refer to jokingly. Nao suffers from violent, morbid obsessions,...
Rs. 2,614.00

The Mystic Lamb

Harry De Paepe
Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck is one of Belgium's most significant artists, famous for his early contributions to the Northern Renaissance movement of the...
Rs. 1,568.00

The King in Yellow

Robert W. Chambers
The King in Yellow : a play that brings madness to all who read it. Irresistible and insidious, it lures the reader with its...
Rs. 1,045.00

The Good Inn

Black Francis and Josh Frank, illustrated by Steven Appleby
"A book based on a soundtrack score that has not yet been composed for a feature film that does not yet exist. " Pixies...
Rs. 1,568.00

The Castle

Franz Kafka, David Zane Mairowitz
The protagonist, known only as K. , arrives in a mountain village buried under deep snows in the middle of winter, with the looming,...
Rs. 1,359.00

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Robert W. Chambers
Providence, Rhode Island, 1928. A dangerous inmate disappears from a private hospital for the insane, his method of escape baffling the authorities. Only the...
Rs. 1,045.00

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