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Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie

Ralph McQuarrie, Brandon Alinger, Wade Lageose and David Mandel
Ralph McQuarrie is the most iconic artist in the history of Star Wars. He worked hand-in-hand with George Lucas to help establish the saga’s...
Rs. 23,607.00

Hello Human: A History of Visual Communication

Michael Horsham
An expert palaeoarchaeologist reveals how our understanding of the evolution of our species has been transformed by momentous discoveries and technological advancements. Who are...
Rs. 2,745.00

Pandemonium : A Visual History of Demonology

Edward Simon
Pandemonium: An Illustrated History of Demonology presents for this first time Satan’s family tree, providing a history and analysis of his fellow fallen angels...
Rs. 3,843.00

HUMANS : Photographs That Make You Think

Henry Carroll
A startling and original look at what it means to be human in a rapidly changing world, from bestselling author and art writer Henry...
Rs. 1,426.00

Venice: A Private Invitation

Giol Servane and Mattia Aquila
A dazzling look at modern videogame worlds seen through an architectural lens, utilizing maps, diagrams and graphic illustrations to offer new perspectives on the...
Rs. 6,039.00

Vo Trong Nghia: Building Nature

Vo Trong Nghia and Philip Jodidio
Walking, Finding, Sharing offers visitors of the world’s largest art exhibition a novel approach to experiencing art. Inspired by travel guides and museum tours,...
Rs. 5,490.00

Creating Sculpture : Renaissance Drawings and Models

edited by Michael Cole, Ana Debenedetti and Peta Motture
This fully illustrated collection of essays, by distinguished scholars and experts in the field, focuses on the process of sculptural design in 15th- and...
Rs. 3,843.00

Cornelia Parker

Rachel Kent and Margaret Iversen
Cornelia Parker is well known for her transformation of everyday objects into unexpected, haunting scenarios – things are exploded, shot, turned back to front...
Rs. 3,843.00

The Circus. 1870s–1950s

Linda Granfield, Fred Dahlinger, Noel Daniel
Spectacular, spectacular!The history and legacy of the circusIn its heyday, the American circus was the largest showbiz industry the world had ever seen. From...
Rs. 6,995.00

Steve McCurry. Afghanistan

Steve McCurry, William Dalrymple
War and GraceMagnum photographer Steve McCurry’s Afghanistan retrospectiveAfghanistan has long been a country overwhelmed by tribal rivalries, colonial wars, and geo-political conflict. The Afghans...
Rs. 7,995.00


Rolf And Mette Hay, Edited By Kelsey Keith, With A Foreword By John Hoke Iii
Welcome to HAY's universe of irresistible, affordable, everyday design. 'HAY is destined to be an important part of the modern design canon - not...
Rs. 4,387.00

Hieronymus Bosch. The Complete Works

Stefan Fischer
Delicious demons, nightmare creatures, and atrocious angels; no painter has come close to the fantastical schemes of Hieronymus Bosch. This enormous publication presents his...
Rs. 17,995.00

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