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Meditation for Daily Stress: 10 Practices for Immediate Well-being

Michel Pascal
Drawing on his experience living at the Kopan Monastery in Nepal, meditation teacher Michel Pascal shares his new and easy method of meditating in...
Rs. 1,100.00

Ayurvedic Herbal Massage

Gita Ramesh
Perfectly in tune with the newly awakened mantra of Return to Nature, this book brings to you one of the oldest-known therapies for rejuvenating...
Rs. 595.00

Heart Care

Dr. H.S Wasir
A longer lifespan, the breakneck tempo of life with its high-stress levels, the debilitating effects of pollution, a lackadaisical attitude towards healthy lifestyle habits...
Rs. 150.00

Yoga For The Family : A Holistic Approach

Bharat Thakur
oga is simply the synthesis of an awakened spirit and a healthy body. The practice of yoga increases the body’s strength and resilience, and...
Rs. 795.00

Kama Sutra Magnum

Sandhya Mulchandani
This sumptuous gold-edged book comes in a hand-made box made of pure silk. The lavish packaging and high-quality production of this volume make it...
Rs. 15,000.00

Home Doctor: Natural Healing With Herbs, Condiments And Spices

Dr. P.S. Phadke
Home Doctor, as the name suggests, is your very own health-care book an indispensable companion you can turn to at all times. The culmination...
Rs. 895.00

Kama Sutra-.Amorous Man & Sensuous Woman

The Kama Sutra's relevance is perennial, since of all life's expressions, sexual gratification remains fundamental. Illustrated with rare miniatures, gouache and tantric paintings, and...
Rs. 995.00

Kama Sutra-The Art Of Making Love To A Woman

Pavan K. Varma
Pavan K. Varma’s illustrated bestseller, Kama Sutra: The Art of Making Love to a Woman is a modern adaptation of Vatsyayana’s classic, Kama Sutra....
Rs. 895.00

Kama Sutra (L/M)

Vatsyayana's Kama Sutra is compulsory reading for all who believe in pleasure as one of the more serious aims of life. Cleverly excerpted and...
Rs. 195.00

Kama Sutra -Knowledge For Men Wisdom For Women

Manjusri Basu
This timeless treatise on relationships is lavishly illustrated and innovatively packaged into his and hers titles in one edition.
Rs. 795.00

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