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Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses : Classic Format

Dominic Bradbury
The most complete in-depth survey of global Mid-Century Modern homes ever published – more than 400 stunning homes from 40 countries, designed by more...
Rs. 5,499.00

Masterpieces: Performance Architecture + Design

Chris van Uffelen
Theaters, concert halls and opera houses belong to the main building tasks of our times. Numerous cities as well as communities are adding stage...
Rs. 3,854.00

Building Berlin, Vol. 5: The Latest Architecture in and out of the Capital

Louis Black and Cornelia Dörries
From Berlin via China and Brazil to Spain Berlin’s architecture is one of the most exciting aspects of its cultural heritage. Many of its...
Rs. 2,747.00

Architecture: A Modern View

Richard Rogers
The crisis of modern architecture is part of a much larger crisis involving the whole question of the way we live and how we...
Rs. 1,426.00

1000x European Architecture

Since the release of 1000 x European Architecture in 2006, the world of architecture has gone through some major changes: in the midst of...
Rs. 9,903.00

Clear Glass: Creating New Perspectives

Chris van Uffelen
Glass stands for openness and transparency. In contemporary glass architecture these associations are utilized in a subtle and highly intentional way. Some buildings appear...
Rs. 3,297.00

Re-searching Utopia: When Imagination Challenges Reality

Vienna Technical University
The great majority of architectural productions attempt to satisfy our everyday needs and to maintain the status quo of this basic requirement, an effort...
Rs. 3,854.00

SuperLux: Smart Light Art, Design & Architecture for Cities

Davina Jackson and Mary-Anne Kyriakou
Smart-lighting design is a rapidly growing area of interactive and cross-disciplinary design that is defining new practices in the profession. SuperLux is an international...
Rs. 3,523.00

Fire, Crime & Accident: Fire Departments, Police Stations, Rescue Services

Chris van Uffelen
Architecture for rescue services has come a long way in the past decade. Buildings for the police, fire brigades and ambulance stations have lost...
Rs. 4,955.00

CONCRETE: Pure. Strong. Surprising

Chris van Uffelen
Concrete is an all-around talent, already in use in ancient Rome and since the second half of the 20th century one of the most...
Rs. 5,499.00

Masterpieces: Roof Architecture + Design

Manuela Roth
Affordable building lots in central locations in the large cities and metropolises are rare. When there are no available gaps in the urban structure,...
Rs. 3,854.00

Extreme Minimalism: Architecture

Chris van Uffelen
During many eras of architectural history, builders and architects aimed to construct buildings with pure shapes and clear geometry, while foregoing decorative elements. With...
Rs. 3,854.00

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