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At last a comprehensive easy-to-use book on Asian recipes. This rather novel menu planner introduces the reader to some of the most delectable and popular dishes from China, Thailand and India. The book is divided according to country and the recipes are further organized according to courses - each planner thus complete with starters, main, deserts and accompaniments. The cuisine of China, Thailand and India are as diverse as they are similar. Each has its characteristic food, legacy of different historical pasts, and yet each is linked by its typical climate and the trappings that come with it, like coconuts, black pepper and red chilies. In each of the three food continues to be woven into the rituals of everyday life and the preparation, partaking and offering of food is a major preoccupation. Each country has it own ways of serving and presenting a meal. In Thailand, food is shared from a common bowl, in China, everyone has small individual bowls and a pair of chopsticks and, in India, the north uses steel plates with raised sides (thalis) while the south eat from banana leaves. So delve into the culinary mysteries of the Orient and plan your meals by choosing a starter from one page, the main dish from another and the dessert and accompaniment from yet another.

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