The Gift of Kings: The Noblest of Wools

Loro Piana and Bruna Rotunno

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The story of a new Loro Piana excellence, told through the photos of wonderful landscapes and extraordinary people in Australia and New Zealand.

There is excellence nature bestows upon man with an implicit understanding: taking care of, preserving and enhancing its qualities. In order to respect this pact with nature, man must work with her, follow her, understand her and join forces with others. This is the story of “The Gift of Kings”, the excellent extrafine wool from merino sheep raised in Australia and New Zealand, thanks to a collaboration between Loro Piana and some of the most expert, cutting-edge breeders in both countries. Wool has achieved unthinkable fineness.

Since ancient times the importance of this material was acknowledged and praised so much it historically became the privilege of kings, hence its name, “The Gift of Kings”. This wool gives rise to extraordinary, breathable, all natural, sustainable and light yarn and textiles that keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

“The Gift of Kings” is a rare and precious product man has jealously guarded. Thanks to Loro Piana, and the support given to breeders and special practices aimed at merino sheep, it has achieved excellence.

A slow, complex, laborious process involves entire communities that revolve around the magnificent farms in New Zealand and Australia, with which Loro Piana has collaborated for years, supporting and encouraging the efforts aimed at quality and excellence.

This book portrays, through images, the stunning landscapes and extraordinary people, along with the emotions and passions of their teamwork, in a relationship based on trust with Loro Piana and those who for generations have lovingly taken care of these sheep, the gift of kings and of nature.

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18 / 10 / 2018

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