V & A Pattern: William Morris

Linda Parry

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Few British homes have not used Morris designs in one form or another as a revival of interest in William Morris's work developed throughout the second half of the twentieth century. These popular repeating patterns are easy on the eye and posses a timeless quality that sits well the fashions of our age. They are also a reminder of the joys of the British countryside and have a modern appeal surprising in work created over 120 years ago. William Morris (1834-1896) began designing patterns for his own use, but he also wanted to improve the general standards of decorative design in Britain - and the conditions of manufacture. This desire led him to establish his own workshops, first in Queen near Wimbledon in south london. Morris & Co. designed not only home interiors, but also a wide range of products for the home, including stained - glass windows, furniture, decorated tiles, printed and woven textile furnishings, carpets and tapestries. Wallpapers were made for the firm by Jeffrey & Co., a leading in Britain in the Morris & Co., shop in Oxford Street and through agents in major cities throughout Europe, America and Australia. Repeating designs decorated many of these products and the a great extent on the artistic skills of william Morris and a small group of other designers working for the company he founded.

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28 / 07 / 2009

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