The Ayurvedic Wellness Cookbook Recipes for Balance & Rejuvenation

Gita Ramesh

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IN AYURVEDA, one does not count calories, instead we commit to a philosophy and a way of life. Ayurveda
proposes that eating be a mindful, meditative experience. By making a shift to a way of slow eating,
using freshly sourced, seasonal ingredients, this cookbook shifts the focus of eating to detoxification and
rejuvenation for all body types. Written by Gita Ramesh who has channelled her years of expertise as an
Ayurvedic practitioner into preparing and curating them, the recipes in The Ayurvedic Wellness Cookbook
are vegetarian, nutritious and with therapeutic values. At the centre of these healthy recipes is the idea that
food has medicinal properties with the power to heal. The beauty is in the simplicity of these recipes with the
perquisite that they are delicious too. When consumed daily for a week, the recipes in this book will make you
feel light, energised and promote an overall sense of wellbeing.

Gita Ramesh is the Managing Director of Kairali Ayurvedic Group, a pioneer in promoting Ayurvedic retreats
and treatment centres globally. Along with her husband, K.V. Ramesh, she has carried forward the legacy of
their elders by founding Kairali to synthesise the principles of health and well-being through Ayurveda. Kairali
is now recognized around the globe as the essence of true Ayurveda. Today Kairali is spread across three
continents, ten countries and thirty-five locations, offering Ayurveda in its truest form.

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10 / September / 2022

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