Fashion design is a combination of three important factors: imagination, fabrication, and execution. To ensure a strong fabrication foundation, knowledge of textiles is key. Not only is it the functional base of all designs, but the stronger one’s understanding of textiles, the more they will be able to push the boundaries of creativity. Textilepedia promises a headstart in understanding textiles – and providing an edge in a career in fashion.

The book is the ultimate textile bible – an extensive dictionary covering all the essential fabric knowledge on fibers, yarn, weaves, knits, lace & netting, non-woven, finishings, hides, patterns, and colors. /p>

This simple guide to fabric comprises practical tips for a range of textiles with detailed visuals. It is a stunningly illustrated book, easy to understand, and serves as a portable textile library. The nine chapters of this book provide comprehensive and in-depth knowledge on textiles

Fashionary design, founded in 2008, is the go-to place for all professional fashion designers and fashion afficionados. They produce products to assist designers and those involved in the fashion industry. Their name originates from “Fashion + Dictionary + Diary”.

Get the book that will transport you to the fashion world, here!

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